Tools for Plumbing

When there is a clogged drain or when your faucet is leaking and you want to get it fixed, finding a plumber especially at odd hours and emergencies may prove to be difficult. That is why it is important to have some basic tools for plumbing. This can help you do some basic do-it-yourself plumbing practices. You can stave off the problem temporarily until the plumber comes and you may also learn how to fix some issues on your own.

The basic plumbing tools you should own include:

A plumber’s pliers
This is also known as the channel pliers. This is a must-have plumbing tool for any kind of plumbing job. If you compare it with the common pliers, you will find out that its serrated jaws that normally open much wider enabling you to be able to handles pipes for all sizes.

Crescent Wrench
When one uses plumber’s pliers on polished chrome, they tend to mar the finish. On the other hand, conventional adjustable pliers normally slip off polished surfaces. You will find out that a crescent wrench will not slip off and will most likely not mar the finish.

Pipe Wrench
This is another plumbing tool that you must have. It is simply a long-handled wrench designed for purposes of working on threaded connections. Normally, this plumbing tool is used on pipes that are thick and require wide-opening jaws. When you are using the pipe wrench, ensure that its rear sides are coming into contact with the pipe perfectly. This will have a great impact on the tightening or loosening of the pipe is done properly without causing any damages.

Basin Wrench
This is another must-have tool for your plumbing activities. It is a long-handled wrench whose spring-loaded jaws can be adjusted with ease. This allows one to be able to reach all the spots that are normally not easy to access for tightening ad loosening purposes. For instance behind and underneath the sink.

Pipe Dope/Teflon.
This is also a must-have plumbing tool. In particular for threaded joints that are usually screwed together need to be smeared with a material commonly known as pipe dope or joint compound before you screw them all together. This normally helps a lot against any occurrence of leakages. The Teflon tape can also be wrapped around these threads to help prevent any sort of leakage.

Any plumbing activity will require washers. One is advised to have several of different sizes stored somewhere in the house. They are very critical since no one knows when the faucet requires a new one. This will ensure one is always ready with the right-sized washer in case of any issue that arises.

This article has indicated some of the most important tools of plumbing that one must have in their house. These are just the basic items as more needed for plumbing but some additional items or tools will be able to tackle detailed plumbing assignments. Basically, everybody should have the above plumbing tools in their homes.

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Tools for Landscaping

In addition to some hard work, landscape maintenance requires garden tools. Without the essentials that your lawn and garden look good can be much more difficult. Rakes and lawnmowers are essential to keeping your property in order. But there are things you need to have to make things easier. Various necessary garden tools can help you work out more efficiently.

Most of your landscape is your garden. Whether its vegetables or plants and flowers for decorating, there are many essential items to help them look good.

Trowel – For digging and weeding, and old stems are much easier to use than a shovel.

Rake – Another useful tool for garden and lawn. Go under the plants’ roots to get rid of your garden, again and again, to get rid of weeds.

Cutting tools / or scissors Do not use scissors or scissors to prune trees, as using pruning tools or garden shears is a better choice.

Multiple nozzles – Another useful tool because it allows you to water all areas of your garden and lawn with different types of pressure.

Larger tools are often needed for optimal landscaping and landscaping care. Assuming you already have a lawnmower and rake, here’s the tool you need to preserve and sculpt your landscape outside the garden.

Shovels – Better than a spatula for larger digging tasks, a shovel can move more dirt at the same time and only be for cleaning or gravel to distribute.

Cart – this tool is ideal for moving large materials from one place to another. Instead of making dozens of trips, use a full cart.

Rock Rake – Not only Rock Rake, But it can also pull small to medium-sized stones from the bed, But it is also a great tool to remove dirt and other materials. It can also help by pushing weeds out of the area.

Hoe – Hoe works well in chopping clay to prepare the cultivation of vegetables or flowers

Edge – keep your lawn edges nice and organized with this tool. A rake can also be used to prevent grass from growing too much on sidewalks.

The Pruner – Much larger and heavier than a grass shear, the limb cutter takes care of old and overgrown branches, not to mention the wild wedge roses and rhododendrons.

There are other tools you can consider essential for your landscaping work. These are just the basics. One great thing about these tools is that you can always find other benefits for them. Having these tools will make keeping your landscape an integral part of caring for your home.

Carefully inspect the remaining tools in your store, including trimmers, leaf blowers, weed eaters, and edges. Make sure all straps are securely fastened. Check all bolts and nuts ensure you tighten them .Remember to replace the spark plugs annually it is advisable. You need to flush out old fuels and oil responsibly. Read the manual and ensure you follow all the care instructions and know each item’s safe operation.

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Tools for Painting

If you want to paint you house ceiling and walls, having the appropriate tools is the key to beautiful and effective results. You don’t need all sorts of advanced painting equipment and supplies, just a professional painter to use every day.

Paint Can Opener
Although you can open the paint box with some screwdriver, you will have to damage it and affect the can’s seal when you close the lid again. You’d better pay a few bucks for a dedicated paint can opener.

Painters Tape
The painter’s tape has less solid glue than conventional tape. Because it sticks very well, it will tear when removed, and the simple task of peeling the tape will take much longer. And if the tape is not immediately released, the problem is even worse. Even using a painter’s tape But you need to pull the tape as soon as you finish painting to avoid tearing or even lifting the new paint. We amateurs often use camera masking to paint properly.

A Small Spatula
You will use it to insert the masking tape into the wood to give a firmer seal that will help prevent the paint from flowing from the back of the tape to the wood. But you will also use it to scrape off the dirt. Paint the drops and clean the tape seams in the inner corners.

Roller Covers
Choosing the right paint roller cover is important. The most important thing to look at when you’re buying paint roller covers is the quality of the roller cover and the nap. Remember, different roller nap is used for different projects.

Buy a good roller frame
As with cheap roller arms, cheap roller frames are also not a purchase. A quality frame will last forever and prevent the sleeve from slipping out of the frame, while a 9-inch frame roll over large free spaces and a 3inch frame over very narrow spaces for larger rolls is optional.

Band brush
Angular brush-They were originally designed for cutting window sills. But nowadays, it is a professional brush pattern to cut interior corners of ceilings and around wood before wrapping the walls. Do you need a lot of painting and trimming?

Deep rolled tray for small jobs
Simple trays are ideal for smaller rooms. Plastic is the way forward. It’s not necessary to need clean yourself up after you’re done. Pour the excess paint when done

Dipping pail
To cut, you’ll need an immersion bucket that you carry with you to soak the brush. The empty paint will do the job, but we love the Handy paint bucket. Works The magnet takes the brush glove to prevent the brush from loosening the paint during use, and you can also use it as a disposable, so you don’t have to clean the container.

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Basic Tools for Electrical Work

1) Hand tools with double insulation: These tools do not have metal boxes and are covered with insulating rubber. Its design helps to reduce the risk of landing defects. They are often used in places with high humidity or humidity. Although the user is protected from the instrument’s electrical cable components, he must avoid contact with water, as water is a conductor of electricity.

2) Insulating rubber gloves: This tool can be used alone or in combination with protective gloves or protective leather gloves. These gloves are incorporated with high dielectric strength, physical durability and flexibility to be adequately effective. If you want to make sure you are buying the right product, make sure it meets the requirements of the American Society for Testing and Materials. To make sure your gloves are very good, check if they are worn, torn or damaged by chemical contamination.

3) Rubber insulating covers – workers use them to cover electrical conductors, circuits or electrical devices to protect themselves from electrical shock. These blankets are usually rectangular and come with four handles located in the middle on all sides. The worker can easily handle the blanket using handles.

4) Voltage detectors: these instruments are used to detect the presence of electricity in the cables. A common type would be screwdrivers with neon lamps inside the plastic handles. This can be especially useful if the work required by the worker needs to turn off the electricity.

If you buy a used tool, make sure to check it out first. Have an electrician look at it before you start using it, avoid swing the tool by its cord and do not under any circumstances pull it out the socket in a yanking way. You might get the wires loose eventually and cause some accidents in the process. And lastly never work without your protective gear in place. These can incloode gloves, ear muffs, goggles, boots, etc.

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8 Basic Tools Every Homeowner Should Have

As a homeowner you will need to put a lot of effort on improving your home and making it look much better to your liking, so you may find yourself browsing stores looking for household items and tools that you will use to DIY. Tools are worth investing as you will eventually save up plenty of money by doing repair work on your own instead of hiring professionals. Here are the basic tools that every homeowner should have in their kit.

There are various types of hammers that perform diverse functions, but for DIY and small projects you definitely need one with a straight claw to use extract nails in case you need. Make sure that the hand coating will dampen or reduce vibration for the sake of avoiding injuries.

Cordless Drills
Drills are one of the most used tools by homeowners. You can use this tool to repair your broken furniture or make holes on the wall to drive bolts to install flat screen television. A cordless drill will enable you to do the project with mobility and saves money that you would otherwise spend on extension cords.

Measuring Tape
A measuring tape is always with you when you are planning to do some DIY or go out shopping for household needs. You can easily measure the size of the things you want to purchase or use it while doing small projects inside or outside your home. It is advisable to get a pocket sized tape measurer that is not too thin nor too fat as both of them will make it uncomfortable to hold and use especially when you are working on your own.

It is yet another tool that you must have in your tool box as it can come in handy when installing framed pictures or kitchen cabinets on the wall. Additionally, it can be used anytime you need to fix something that should lay straight.

It is a good idea to have a set of screwdrivers that can be used to fix almost anything in your home: tiny heads will be used to open remote controls or remove light switch covers, while bigger ones come in handy to assemble furniture. Make sure that you have a set of different sizes and shapes to perform various tasks.

Whenever you need to manage your home inside or outside of it, make sure that you have a ladder to reach the heights to grab down large boxes use them while painting or cutting the branches or top of the bushes.

No other thing can be as useful when you suddenly need to do repair work at night or when the light goes out because you need to see what you are doing. Besides, a flashlight is useful to do the tasks in some areas of your home that have very poor lighting.

Utility knife
This will come in handy when you are trying to open taped boxes or cutting resin or edges of carpets. High quality utility-knife will perform the functions that means you will not need to look for other tools such as a kitchen knife or scissors.

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Top 10 Must Own Tools

There are different types of tools for every project you want to take on but there are some tools that every homeowner should have at the ready. Check out this video to see what this guy (and us!) think you should have in your toolbox at home! What tools do you want to buy for your home?