If you want to paint you house ceiling and walls, having the appropriate tools is the key to beautiful and effective results. You don’t need all sorts of advanced painting equipment and supplies, just a professional painter to use every day.

Paint Can Opener
Although you can open the paint box with some screwdriver, you will have to damage it and affect the can’s seal when you close the lid again. You’d better pay a few bucks for a dedicated paint can opener.

Painters Tape
The painter’s tape has less solid glue than conventional tape. Because it sticks very well, it will tear when removed, and the simple task of peeling the tape will take much longer. And if the tape is not immediately released, the problem is even worse. Even using a painter’s tape But you need to pull the tape as soon as you finish painting to avoid tearing or even lifting the new paint. We amateurs often use camera masking to paint properly.

A Small Spatula
You will use it to insert the masking tape into the wood to give a firmer seal that will help prevent the paint from flowing from the back of the tape to the wood. But you will also use it to scrape off the dirt. Paint the drops and clean the tape seams in the inner corners.

Roller Covers
Choosing the right paint roller cover is important. The most important thing to look at when you’re buying paint roller covers is the quality of the roller cover and the nap. Remember, different roller nap is used for different projects.

Buy a good roller frame
As with cheap roller arms, cheap roller frames are also not a purchase. A quality frame will last forever and prevent the sleeve from slipping out of the frame, while a 9-inch frame roll over large free spaces and a 3inch frame over very narrow spaces for larger rolls is optional.

Band brush
Angular brush-They were originally designed for cutting window sills. But nowadays, it is a professional brush pattern to cut interior corners of ceilings and around wood before wrapping the walls. Do you need a lot of painting and trimming?

Deep rolled tray for small jobs
Simple trays are ideal for smaller rooms. Plastic is the way forward. It’s not necessary to need clean yourself up after you’re done. Pour the excess paint when done

Dipping pail
To cut, you’ll need an immersion bucket that you carry with you to soak the brush. The empty paint will do the job, but we love the Handy paint bucket. Works The magnet takes the brush glove to prevent the brush from loosening the paint during use, and you can also use it as a disposable, so you don’t have to clean the container.

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