When there is a clogged drain or when your faucet is leaking and you want to get it fixed, finding a plumber especially at odd hours and emergencies may prove to be difficult. That is why it is important to have some basic tools for plumbing. This can help you do some basic do-it-yourself plumbing practices. You can stave off the problem temporarily until the plumber comes and you may also learn how to fix some issues on your own.

The basic plumbing tools you should own include:

A plumber’s pliers
This is also known as the channel pliers. This is a must-have plumbing tool for any kind of plumbing job. If you compare it with the common pliers, you will find out that its serrated jaws that normally open much wider enabling you to be able to handles pipes for all sizes.

Crescent Wrench
When one uses plumber’s pliers on polished chrome, they tend to mar the finish. On the other hand, conventional adjustable pliers normally slip off polished surfaces. You will find out that a crescent wrench will not slip off and will most likely not mar the finish.

Pipe Wrench
This is another plumbing tool that you must have. It is simply a long-handled wrench designed for purposes of working on threaded connections. Normally, this plumbing tool is used on pipes that are thick and require wide-opening jaws. When you are using the pipe wrench, ensure that its rear sides are coming into contact with the pipe perfectly. This will have a great impact on the tightening or loosening of the pipe is done properly without causing any damages.

Basin Wrench
This is another must-have tool for your plumbing activities. It is a long-handled wrench whose spring-loaded jaws can be adjusted with ease. This allows one to be able to reach all the spots that are normally not easy to access for tightening ad loosening purposes. For instance behind and underneath the sink.

Pipe Dope/Teflon.
This is also a must-have plumbing tool. In particular for threaded joints that are usually screwed together need to be smeared with a material commonly known as pipe dope or joint compound before you screw them all together. This normally helps a lot against any occurrence of leakages. The Teflon tape can also be wrapped around these threads to help prevent any sort of leakage.

Any plumbing activity will require washers. One is advised to have several of different sizes stored somewhere in the house. They are very critical since no one knows when the faucet requires a new one. This will ensure one is always ready with the right-sized washer in case of any issue that arises.

This article has indicated some of the most important tools of plumbing that one must have in their house. These are just the basic items as more needed for plumbing but some additional items or tools will be able to tackle detailed plumbing assignments. Basically, everybody should have the above plumbing tools in their homes.

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